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Call for Articles
Migrant theatre- practices of/for resistance and resilience

Sinais de Cena
Performing Arts and Theatre Studies Journal

Thematic Dossier Editor:
Dr Szabolcs Musca

Image by Tim Gouw

The past decade saw a wealth of migrant theatre and refugee performance initiatives from across Europe, addressing issues of displacement, identity and belonging, social inequalities and legacies of colonialism. Migrant artists and ensembles are at the forefront of decolonising dominant aesthetics, institutional practices, structures and canons – asking us to critically (re)examine our own positions and privileges, to resist established power (in)balances and hierarchies. 

This Thematic Dossier of Sinais de Cena invites article submissions that reflect on the artistic practices, activism and collective actions fostered by migrant theatre initiatives after the so called European ‘refugee crisis’ in 2015.
We seek articles that examine artistic and institutional trajectories created by migrant theatre-makers and ensembles to rethink host-guest relations and the social-cultural asymmetries especially in light of the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How do migrant artists and collectives create or reconfigure spaces for resistance and resilience? What are the artistic and institutional means to address marginalisation and promote an inclusive change on and off stage? What is the role of theatre and performance in nurturing collective recognition and solidarity?

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Aesthetics forged through (political) activism
• Artistic and institutional practices and positions of/on inclusivity and diversity
• Performances of belonging and non-belonging
• Theatre-making and migrant rights
• Migrant theatre and protest
• Cultural participation and the position of migrant artists
• Migrant theatre and shifts in cultural structures and canons



Sinais de Cena keeps a permanent open call for essays in theatre and performance studies, without any thematic restrictions. The ‘Essays’ section is peer-reviewed, and all submission guidelines apply.


Please submit your article of max. 6,000 words (incl. notes and references) by 31 December 2021. All submissions should be emailed to:

The article should be accompanied (in a separate document) by:

1. Brief biographical note (max. 250 characters)
2. Abstract in different language than the article’s (Portuguese, English, French or Spanish); maximum 200 words.
3. Five Keywords.

Detailed publication guidelines can be accessed at: 

For English, see page 5. Please note that the journal does not benefit from editorial support, please make sure that you format your article according to the guidelines! The Editorial Committee reserves the right to exclude articles that do not respect the requested standards.


31 December 2021: Deadline for article submissions
28 February 2022: Peer-review (double-blind)
30 April: Deadline for article revisions
31 May: Article proofs
15 June: Publication

Sinais de Cena is a peer-reviewed specialist journal in performing arts and theatre studies published by the Centre for Theatre Studies (University of Lisbon) in collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics. Founded in 2004, the journal publishes research articles in Portuguese, English, and French. Besides the fully peer-reviewed ‘Thematic Section’ and ‘Essays’, Sinais de Cena also has a theatre and book review sections.

[Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash]

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