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Conversations at Migrations: Harbour Europe

As part of Migrations: Harbour Europe (5-7 February 2019, Arcola Theatre, London) we put together a programme of engaging post-show conversations and a panel debate on emerging perspectives of theatre and migration today.

Book your free tickets for the staged readings and participate in the Q&As and debates afterwards.

Programme: conversations and panel debate*

* All post-show conversations & panel debate will start shortly after the play readings (1.30pm).

Q&A/ 5 February/ Chaired by Dr Bernadette Cochrane (University of Queensland)

Lara Parmiani (artistic director, LegalAliens / actor and translator)

Becka McFadden (director, LegalAliens)

Luiana Bonfim (actress)

Daiva Dominyka (actress)

Q&A/ 6 February/ Chaired by Dr Roxane Paire (Independent scholar, France)

Rockhaya Sylla (Migrants’ rights specialist/ welfare adviser)

Ruth Valentine (translator/ poet/ writer and member of Haringey Welcome)

Lara Parmiani (artistic director, LegalAliens/ actor and translator)

Becka McFadden (director, LegalAliens)

Panel Debate/ Thursday, 7 February/ Chaired by: Dr Szabolcs Musca (University of Lisbon/ New Tides Platform, UK/ Migrant Dramaturgies Network)

Invited speakers:

Dr Vicky Angelaki (University of Reading, UK)

Dr Bernadette Cochrane (University of Queensland, Australia)

Dr Graça Corrêa (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Dr Alison Jeffers (University of Manchester, UK)

Dr Roxane Paire (Independent scholar, France)


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