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New books by MDN members

We are thrilled to share two new book publications from two of our board members, Prof. Yana Meerzon and Dr Fadi Skeiker.

Yana’s book Performance, Subjectivity, and Cosmopolitanism (2020) is available to purchase through Palgrave here.

This book looks at the connection between contemporary theatre practices and cosmopolitanism, a philosophical condition of social behaviour based on our responsibility, respect, and healthy curiosity to the other. Advocating for cosmopolitanism has become a necessity in a world defined by global wars, mass migration, and rise of nationalism. Using empathy, affect, and telling personal stories of displacement through embodied encounter between the actor and their audience, performance arts can serve as a training ground for this social behavior. In the centre of this encounter is a new cosmopolitan: a person of divided origins and cultural heritage, someone who speaks many languages and claims different countries as their place of belonging. The book examines how European and North American theatres stage this divided subjectivity: both from within, the way we tell stories about ourselves to others, and from without, through the stories the others tell about us.

Fadi’s book, Syrian Refugees, Applied Theater, Workshop Facilitation, and Stories: While They Were Waiting (2021) is available for purchase here.

This book analyzes and theorizes the efficacy of using applied theater as a tool to address refugee issues of displacement, trauma, adjustment, and psychological well-being, in addition to split community belonging. Fadi Skeiker connects refugee narratives to the themes of imagination, home, gender, and conservatism, among others. Each chapter outlines the author’s applied theater practice, as a Syrian, with and for Syrian refugees in the countries of Jordan, Germany, and the United States. This book will be of great interest to scholars, students, and practitioners of applied theater studies and refugee studies.

Congratulations Yana and Fadi!


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