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Guest lectures at the University of Lisbon

We are honored to contribute to an important research seminar series within the Theatre Studies Doctoral College at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. This seminar series will take place between February and May 2017 in Lisbon with a special focus on the socio-political and aesthetic issues of contemporary performing arts.

Dr Szabolcs Musca will be leading two seminars on transnational theatre initiatives (Monday, 3 April 2017) and theatre and migration (Friday, 7 April 2017). These research seminars will look at concepts of glocal theatre , cross-national theatre exchange as well as migrant theatre, translocal and migratory identities in contemporary theatre making.

For further information on theatre research at the University of Lisbon, please follow the link to CET- Centro de Estudos de Teatro (Centre for Theatre Research).


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