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Special journal issue- Performing Ethos

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the special journal issue of Performing Ethos: International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance (Volume 9, Issue 1) on Theatre and Migration between Ethics and Aesthetics.

This journal issue looks at ethical positions and qualities in artistic processes and aesthetic modalities of migrant representation in contemporary theatre and performance in Europe and beyond. The articles and interventions, especially written for this issue discuss performances of migration as ethical spaces, looking at migrancy and performance within the triad of movement- identity- and community. The journal issue is informed by the work of Migrant Dramaturgies Network, an international research network that explores emerging dramaturgies of theatrical responses to migration in light of recent migration and shifts in global politics and economics.

Interventions editor: Dr Alison Jeffers

Reviews editor: Dr Vicky Angelaki

The journal issue is now available online and in print. Details and content at:


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